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Las Águilas-Jungle Park

The Jungle Park, also known as Las Águilas-Jungle Park, situated on the Canary Island in Tenerife is a zoological and botanical garden that is an ideal outing for you and your family. Spread across 7.5 hectares with over 500 animals, this delightful park has waterfalls, lagoons, caves and exciting adventures to offer you. Book your tickets to the Jungle Park in Tenerife for an unforgettable experience.

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Animals at Jungle Park Tenerife

During your visit to Jungle Park Tenerife prepare to be dazzled by a range of exotic animals all around. From birds and amphibians, to primates and penguins, Jungle Park Tenerife has it all!

Eagle jungle park tenerife


  • Spot majestic eagles and falcons known for their speed and strength as they fly by.
  • Other birds like cranes, ibis, flamingos, storks, parrots, macaws and many more exotic birds can be found all around the park.
primates jungle park tenerife


  • Orangutans live in special enclosures suitable for them to thrive. With waterfalls, rivers and lakes, they feel like they’re in their natural habitats.
  • You’ll spot Gibbons jumping from tree to tree, a delight for children and adults!
  • Other exotic primates like the Lemur, Marmoset monkey and the Capuchin monkey are waiting for you at Jungle Park. 
leopard jungle park tenerife

Big Cats

  • Enjoy spotting the great hunters of the forest - leopards! These agile, ferocious creatures walk gracefully around the park.

penguins jungle park tenerife


  • The Humboldt penguin, known to be joyful, is at the Jungle Park in Tenerife. Spend time observing them and how they eat.

jungle park tenerife


  • The Jungle Park in Tenerife is rife with a wide variety reptiles.
  • You'll find crocodiles, iguanas, house snakes and turtles lounging in the sun across the park.


Other Animals

  • Aside from the major animal categories, Jungle Tenerife has adorable meerkats and raccoons for guests to gaze at as they make their way around the park.

Jungle Park Tenerife Shows

jungle park tenerife tickets

Birds of Prey Exhibition Show

Get a chance to witness the adrenaline-pumping dives of eagles and a variety of other birds of prey. This thrilling show will keep you entertained and enraptured!

jungle park tenerife tickets

Sea Lions Show

Don’t forget to check out this incredible sea lion show that has sea lions displaying their natural skills with trainers by their sides. Prepare to fall in love with these adorable creatures who are capable of doing so much!

Other Attractions at Jungle Park Tenerife

jungle park tenerife tickets

Get on a bobsleigh

Get a chance to cover 800 meters of a high-speed jungle-crossing track on these amazing bobsleighs!

Things to do at Jungle Park Tenerife

jungle park tenerife tickets
  • Walk around the park and observe a wide variety of animals in different habitats. Primates, birds, leopards, and penguins are all around for you to admire.
  • Witness a special show and watch sea lions perform or see birds of prey take flights
  • Get on a bobsleigh for an exciting ride.
  • Admire the waterfalls, lagoons and caves all around you to feel like an integral part of nature. 
  • Spend time eating at  family-friendly food stops in the park.
  • Stop by the souvenir shop to pick something to remember the Jungle Park by!

Educational Efforts at Jungle Park Tenerife

As a zoological park, Jungle Park Tenerife is aware of its responsibility to raise awareness about animals and their environment. An excellent team of professionals are in charge of the Education Department who focus on educating school children on the natural heritage of our planet and how the future of biodiversity may be compromised. Their main goals are helping children understand how they have the power of protecting the natural environment. Teachers and their students can visit for free and immerse themselves in the park and all it has to offer. 

Plan Your Visit

Getting There
Park Rules
jungle park tenerife tickets

Jungle Park Tenerife is open everyday from 10.30AM - 4.30PM

Show Timings:

  • Feeding Raccoons 12.00.
  • Feeding Penguins 12.15.
  • Birds of Prey Show 12.30.
  • Sea lion show 13.30.

Address: Urb. Águilas del Teide, s/n, Km. 3, 38640 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Find it on map.

Drive: Jungle Park Tenerife is within 10-12 minutes' drive from Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and other resorts in the south of the island. If you're staying in the north of the island, it'll take around an hour and a half to reach the park. 

Bus: There are also dedicated bus services to the park from the north or south of the island. They run on specific days and must be pre-booked. Ensure you check the details with Jungle Park Tenerife in advance. 

jungle park tenerife tickets

Eat and Drink: 

  • La Palapa is an à la carte restaurant specializing in Angus burgers, barbecue ribs and nachos among a wide selection of dishes and desserts. It is situated on the premises.
  • Enjoy freshly made artisanal pizzas at Pizzeria el Canario on a magnificent terrace area where you can relax and enjoy the view.


  • The Jungle Park gift and souvenir store has a range of branded products such as plush toy animals, t-shirts, sweatshirts and much more. Take home great memories with you

  • Each attraction is specifically designed for safety so visitors must adhere to the rules while attending them.
  • Once you are inside the park, there are no refunds of the entrance tickets.
  • The park may change opening hours and dates at any time.
  • The Park Management reserves the right of admission. 
jungle park tenerife tickets
  • Visit Los Cristianos beach which is very close to Jungle Park Tenerife. Sit by the harbour and take in the sights around. 
  • Go walking and hiking in Tenerife and enjoy magnificent views.
  • Visit Playa De Las Vistas beach
  • Enjoy a range of water sports on any of the beaches in Tenerife.
  • Visit Teide Park at the center of Tenerife. 
jungle park tenerife tickets

There are a range of popular resorts located very close to Jungle Park Tenerife. Some of them include:

  • Spring Hotel Bitacora
  • H10 Big Sur
  • Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel
  • Green Garden Resorts and Villas

Visitor Tips

  • Book your tickets in advance to avoid long queues and wait times.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking around a lot.
  • Ensure you respect the natural habitats and environments of all the animals.
  • Check with the park in advance to avail of their shuttle bus service.

All Your Questions About Jungle Park Tenerife Answered

Should I book Las Águilas Jungle Park Tenerife tickets in advance?

Yes booking tickets online ensures you don't miss out on a spot and have a hassle free experience. Book your Jungle Park Tenerife tickets here.

What's the best way to experience Las Águilas Jungle Park?

Visit Jungle Park Tenerife with your family or friends to enjoy a wide variety of animals and a number of exciting attractions.

What are the opening times of Las Águilas Jungle Park Tenerife?

Jungle Park Tenerife is open everyday from 10.30AM - 4.30PM.

How many animals are at Jungle Park Tenerife?

There are over 500 animals at the park include birds, primates, penguins, leopards and crocodiles.

Where can I book my Jungle Park Tenerife Tickets?

Book your Jungle Park Tenerife tickets online here.

Is there food available at Jungle Park Tenerife?

Yes there are family friendly restaurants at Jungle Park Tenerife for you to dine at.

How do I reach Jungle Park Tenerife?

You can either drive or take a shuttle bus service to visit Jungle Park Tenerife.